Mosfellsbær is only a 15-minute drive from midtown Reykjavík. The district includes an area stretching to the Leiruvogur cove, which forms part of Kollafjörður fjord. Three rivers empty into the cove: Leirvogsá, Kaldakvísl and Varmá. Population is 8,500.

Mosfellsbær is governed by a town council, which consists of seven elected officials. Current council was elected in 2010, with 4 representatives from the Independent party, 1 prepresentative from The Left-Green Movement, 1 representative from Social Democratic Alliance and 1 from Íbúahreyfingin.

Haraldur Sverrisson, from the Independent Party is the town mayor of Mosfellsbær since 2007.

The offices of town hall are located at Þverholt 2.
Open 8:00 am - 4 pm on weekdays.
tel :525 6700
e-mail: mos[at]mos.is

Department of Finance oversees and regulates all financial operations and transactions for the municipality and its departments. Main projects include planning, department funding among others. Pétur J. Lockton manages the Department of Finance.

The offices of Finance are located at Þverholt 2.
Open 8:00 am - 4 pm on weekdays.
Tel: 525 6700.

Social Services of Mosfellsbær operates in accordance to government laws and regulations.
Unnur V. Ingólfsdóttir heads the social services dept.

The Social services office is located at Þverholt 2.
Open 8:00 am - 4 pm on weekdays.
Tel: 525 6700.

Environmental and Technical Department
The Environmental and Technical Department oversees and regulates all building, planning and zoning codes in Mosfellsbær. A permit is required for any type of construction and alteration of buildings.

The E/T dept. is in charge of city maintenance and oversees all construction within the town limits. Within the E/T dept. is the gardening dept, Water Authority, Town Parks, and other services.

The office is located at Þverholt 2.
Open 8:00 am - 4 pm on weekdays.
Tel: 525 6700.

According to the organizational chart, all schools, library, the nature museum, and school orchestra fall under the Department of Education and Cultural affairs.

Mosfellsbær School District
The School District office is located at Þverholt 2.
Open 8:00 am - 4 pm on weekdays.
Tel: 525 6700.

There are three schools operated in Mosfellsbær; Krikaskóli (age 2-9), Lágafellsskóli (age 5-16) and Varmárskóli (age 5-16).

There are five pre-schools/kindergarten, Hlaðhamrar, Hlíð, Hulduberg, Reykjakot, Krikaskóli.

Tel: 525 6700.

There is an Art School in Mosfellsbær whick provides four departmens. The school's headquarters are located by Háholt.
Tel. for Listaskóli Mosfellsbæjar is 566 6319.

Mosfellsbær Public Library
The library is located on the ground floor of the Kjarninn shopping center in the center of the town. The library is open all year round.

Operating hours:
Monday - Friday 12 pm-18 pm
Wednesday 10 am - 18 pm
Saturdays 12 pm - 15 pm

Tel.: 566 6822

The Department of Culture handles all recreation and sports in Mosfellsbær.

Mosfellsbær Sports/Recreation centers
There are two Sports Centers in Mosfellsbær, Varmá and Lagafell.

Varma provides a 25m swimming pool, hot tubs, sauna, 3 indoor gymnasium, and outdoor soccer fields. The sports center serves a variety of sports and local teams have access to the facilities as well as the gyms are rented out to groups and individuals.

Lagafell provides 25m swimming pool, 12m indoor pool, children's outdorrs pools and three water slides, hot tubs, sauna, and wellness studio as well as an indoor gym. The swimming pools is open weekdays from 06:45 am until 8:30 pm and from 08:00 am until 5:30 pm on weekends.

Two golf courses are located in Mofellsbær, Golfklúbburinn Kjölur and Bakkakot. The courses is open to the public but call for tee times.

Youth Center Bolid
The Youth Center operates mainly during the school year. The Youth Center offers a variety of after school programs for kids 13-16 years old, such as organized clubs, radio broadcasts, educational programs, travel and more.
Tel.: 566 6058.

Health Care
The Health Care Center in Mosfellsbær serves the residents of Mosfellsbær and a part of Reykjavik. The location of the Health Care center is on the ground floor of the Kjarninn shopping center in the center of the town.
Tel.: 510 0700.

There are two churches in Mosfellsbær, Lagafellskirkja, located by Lagafell and Mosfellskirkja in Mosfellsdalur.
Tel.: 566 6165.

Public transportation
Greater Reykjavik Transport (Strætó BS) operates public transportation in Mosfellsbær, in conjunction with six other neighboring municipalities. Routes in Mosfellsbær:
Leið 15  Mosfellsbær – Hlemmur – Vesturbær – Hlemmur – Mosfellsbær
Leið 27 Háholt – Laxnes - Háholt
Leið 57 Akranes – Hvalfjarðargöng – Háholt – Hvalfjarðargöng - Akranes

Public trails
There are several trails in Mosfellsbær. The hiking and biking path through Mosfellsbær is not just a fine way to get some healthy exercise and fresh air. It also links up a series of information signs highlighting the history, culture and nature of selected places. Locations are marked with numbers on the map. The biking path goes from Úlfarsá river, along the shore at Leiruvogur, past Varmá sports centre and on to Mosfellsdalur, while the path from Álafosskvos to Reykir is a footpath only.

Public Water Authority
Mosfellsbær water works oversees all water operations in the town; waterworks, heating utility, and sewerage system in conjunction with the Reykjavik Power Company.

The electrical utility operates in conjunction with the Reykjavik Power Company.

Sanitation is handled by Sorpa.